Upholstery Cleaning Service

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The process we us in our upholstery cleaning service is the same method we use to steam clean carpets applied to upholstered furniture. This pre-treating stains and applying a safe pre-conditioner to the fabric to break down and loosen even the toughest soil and stains embedded into the fibers. We then use a hot water extraction, the same as our carpet cleaning process, completely rinsing your upholstery clean so that no sticky residue is left behind.

Our Furniture Cleaning Steps

The first step is to do a thorough inspection, looking for any problem areas or stains that will require special attention. We pre-treat any stains accordingly, making them easier to remove with the rest of the process.

The second step in our method is to apply an emulsifier to the areas to be cleaned using safe and effective cleaning products, which will loosen up soils and tough stains contained within the fabric and make them more easily rinsed during the extraction process.

Finally we use hot water extraction to remove dirt, dust mites, body soil, pet dander, and other contaminants. This also removes any detergents and spot cleaners used earlier, leaving your furniture soft and fresh with no sticky residue.

The method we use for upholstery cleaning never over wets the fabric, which can cause yellowing. Typically it only takes about an hour for you furniture to become completely dry again!

Once your furniture is fresh and clean we highly recommend applying Scotchgard protector to help protect the fibers from future soiling and stains. This will help keep your upholster cleaner longer and actually extend the life of your furniture. Visit our Scotchgarding page for more info.

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