Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet cleaning service at Lake of the Ozarks

steam cleaning carpet

Carpet Cleaning Service

With over 18 years experience of providing professional carpet cleaning services in Osage Beach  and surrounding areas, we know what the best process for getting your carpets as clean as possible for your Lake of the Ozarks home or business with fair pricing. Our rug and carpet cleaning process includes removing dry dirt, dust and soil using a vacuum cleaner, pre-spraying all soiled areas with a safe and effective Cleaning agent, and stain removal products used as pre-treatment for tough stains, followed by a hot water steam extraction for a thorough rinse that removes soil and and cleaning detergents used, leaving behind absolutely no residue or cleaning chemicals. Our powerful Truckmount carpet cleaner vacuums as much moisture as possible, leaving your carpet only damp, not wet. Our methods clean deep resulting in clean carpet, and leave behind no sticky residue from cleaning chemicals which can cause re-soiling.

Hot Water Extraction

We use the recommended method called Hot Water Extraction. This process is most commonly called “Carpet Steam Cleaning.” This method is the most effective method of deep cleaning carpet and rug cleaning.

Our process:

First, we pre-inspect of all the areas to be cleaned, checking for any problem areas, stains or noticeable spots that would need pre-treatment. We also remove dry soil by vacuuming using a Vacuum cleaner if this hasn’t been done prior to our arrival.

Next we apply a safe and effective Alkaline Cleaning agent to the areas to be cleaned, breaks down and suspends embedded dirt and contaminants that have become attached to the fibers. This ensures that you have deepest cleaning possible, not just one that looks good at first glance, but then shows spots again in a few days like many in-home machines.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

The next step of our process is a fresh soft water rinse using Hot water extraction, removing all dirt and soil using soft purified water. All of those deep down contaminants are thoroughly rinsed away, (as well as any cleaning chemicals we applied to remove tough stains). There is no residue left behind that could attract even more dirt later on, making your carpet look dirtier than before we began cleaning. In-home machines cannot thoroughly rinse out the cleaning solution which leaves a sticky film behind, allowing new dirt to cling to it like a magnet. These carpet cleaners also lack the vacuum power of professional equipment, leaving your carpeting very wet for hours.

We use powerful Truckmount carpet cleaner that has enough vacuum power to remove almost all of the moisture from the carpet fibers for a quick dry time, leaving your carpet only damp, not soaking wet like other companies. The average dry time for your carpet is between one and two hours, so you won’t have to wait all day for your carpets to be dry! After your carpeting is nice and clean we can apply Scotchgard to help protect it from future soiling and wear.

Remove pet stains & odors

SteamPro Carpet Cleaning uses the best Pet Stain & Odor Best Enzyme Cleaner to remove Pet urine and Urine odor from Carpet and Upholstery.