Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaning Companies in Camdenton MO

If the carpet in your home, condo or business could use a cleaning consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. There are many do it yourself options available, however you may not get the results you were looking for. And for just a little more money, you could have had a professional come and do the job for you. Many portable and carpet cleaning rental machines lack the power to properly clean your carpeting. They tend to over wet, and do not have sufficient suction to remove the water used. This results in extended drying time, sometimes the carpeting may be wet for days which can lead to mold growth. 

Why Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company?

Most professional companies have professional training on how to properly clean different types of carpet, rugs and fabric. They will know the proper methods to use, and the proper procedure for removing specific types of stains including what stain removal products to use. Many people rely on store bought products to try and remove stains, which can sometimes cause more trouble than good. Some products will actually fade the color, appearing to bleach the carpet if not mixed or used properly. If you are going to try and spot clean using a store bought chemical, be sure to test it out in a hidden area of carpeting such as inside a closet. Another problem with products like these is that they leave behind a residue which leads to re-soiling. This is why a spot may appear to “come back” or return. Many times the spot is removed, but the cleaning product is what now appears in its place because it has not been properly rinsed.

When hiring a professional, they know what product will work best for certain stains, and the products are rinsed away during the extraction method. This ensures there is no chemical residue left behind in the fibers, reducing the possiblility of the spot appearing to return.

If you are in need of a residential or commercial carpet cleaning company in Camdenton, give us a call at Steampro. We have been providing cleaning services to the area for more than 15 years, and have built a good reputation.